Terry-Ann Arch went to St Ignatius Catholic School
Adrian S Porter went to Cayman Islands Prep School two God Schools as a Kid one day I remember we met at the fence like this I dont remember the conversation she probably remember But it was probably telling her I like her & would do something great I was fond of all the girls all them can say a story about me we both Went to Elmslie Memorial Church Growing up we used to talk at church just kids Her Mother noticed that were fond of each other and she stop coming to Church not sure of the time frame between circumstances but we never seen or had any communication after I never remember anything about her after that when I became a Christian I was a real Servant with a servant heart Her Dad like that and we met for Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe he asked me if I am going to pay for his lunch I say I didn’t have any money we had a Bible study group at his house with young people from Elmslie Memorial church me and Terry-Ann got reacquainted in this Way I would lead Bible study groups she was there in attendance Her dad would leave her there and I would bring the Children or young people on the Church bus When I became a Christian I prayed for God to Give me a wife so that was my driven goal so when I met her it clicked and I said to my self she is my wife just by the way how things were working together when we were re acquainted I showed up at the house she Had a boyfriend I saw him at her house after that I never see him again they had broke up & I ponder it in my heart she gave me her mobile phone number all that just for the connection her dad I Had