King Adrian S Porter Damascus Cayman Island’s Isles Israel 🇮🇱 Jerusalem nations of the World Tampa Florida conference center we were selling books and cds for Td Jakes Ministries I wasn’t interested in the speakers I wanted to serve wow and the people throng to me because I was blessing each book wish them that the knowledge would fill their soul and the more I prayed the more people came all types of people Bishop Sherman Watkins came and I prayed for him same blessings all types of women got prayed for It was surreal women wanted to talk with me after but it felt awkward it the spiritual climax I was at we talked it was just asking what thery were going to do I felt totally separated from the normalcy of it all wow thinking back I behaved personally before and after that day I remember everything I pray any thing that happened in ignorance how could I have know I would be used mighty the next day to God be the glory KinG is a formidable title I work hard for what I attained as I grow from faith to faith & glory to glory A Billion Friends Damascus Cayman Island’s Israel 🇮🇱 Jerusalem Isles and nation’s of the World King James Bible
But so much the more went there a fame abroad of him: and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by him of their ignorance in the true God that’s the reason the crowds came to me