How I met Joanna Bodden after my high school rapture becoming popular and famous amongst my generation I didn’t noticed Joanna at my Prom when I got Prom KinG nomination in actuality Prom KinG title I recognized Cheryl Moore because she had made it known that she had interest in me in a slew of events between broking up with my then partner I had no other options all friends were in relationships so I followed my heart to church I saw a few new faces come to Church because of me Joanna was one she drove a Mercedes Benz 2 or 4 door she parked on the other side of the road Port Authority side. so I would always see her we became friends then one day she invited me to this Bible study group behind Queens court I think they’re grape tree condominiums that’s when I met Peter and we did that once or twice that I was welcome to meet Mrs Rita and Sir Vassell Johnson when his new book came out As I see it yea that’s what I remember meeting Joanna Bodden Small