Good morning People Cayman and around the World this Karen Thompson & Bing Thompson my Mother says when I was born Karen Thompson was at my Birth and when I came out she say I thought he was white I used to ride bike with her Son growing up they bought him a brand new Kawasaki 80 Raulin Gonzales had a Kawasaki big wheel 80 which was a little bigger than Justin’s 80 but They heard I was with them riding on Saturdays and inquired about me and came one day they drive up while we were riding just to see how I was doing Justin was a privilege Kid he was young and had his own cell phone before cell phone became popular we would ride from Jay marl pit to Burger King on West Bay road my friends supported me I was ok growing up because my father. Support me until I turn eighteen but the money he gave I would spend on shoes and apparel just to keep my popular image alive my friend Raulin Gonzales was a popular kid too that’s why we bond as friends a lot of girls like him too