Did you know John. Gray High School Crowned me Prom King did you know me and the principal’s daughter slept in the same bed prom night class God was showing all of you I am The KinG
Class of 1998 I can’t call everyone by name it would take forever I do remember everyone for your understanding did you know I got popular because I have a special gift that’s from my youth my Mother recognized it that gift is the return of Jesus Christ that is why I had slot of interactions with women & through that knowledge I built my own Library of books for knowledge I remember when I ask hobbies & books to order me books I told the clerk get me books of millionaires back then I wasn’t thinking of billions of dollars although when i heard of Bill Gates & the Windows software success I bought all his books I was hunting sought after knowledge with all my heart I sought after music with a. burning fire to learn the art hear my songs be convinced I got it today we are on our own platform website arena for God sake God promise me I can gather all people through A Billion Friends John 15:15 Jesus told the church I no longer call you servants but friends they choose to countinue serving me with partiality just to prove allegiance to God but all the Church body around the World 🌎 has to humble to A billion friends KinG Adrian Porter Damascus Caymann Island’s Isles Israel 🇮🇱 Jerusalem all nations of the World Psalm 22:27 It had to work Gods way or it’s not going to work KinG Adrian the World will see and turn to the Lord Psalm 75:7 God is the Judge he puts down one and lifts up another facebook ha !!! Ohhh it’s not a learning to catch what you think this is didn’t I tell You years before now to watch I knew the light would shine in your darkness continue watch how you turn to nothing stay on your path you will learn Psslm 37 the Lord laughs