Craven A Bentleys Ferraris the World wants material havens
I got power I know once my track drops and am on top we’re taking over uhhh
Am in the fast lane I made to the cash exchange switch my style up my currency piling up my vision is World wide my style is versatile my money come in piles am live to my people keeping it real to the fullest uuhhh Cash I got it Porter flipping quick when he get it my styles erotic hope she ain’t trekking and sweating the songs ringing the cash machine flinging lotta money am hitting home runs at the safe placing ten mill in the Bentley managing with ease credit cards I won’t need bad chicks on my sleeve Ralph Lauren cuff links & Polo jeans got this cute blonde by my side she rocka Rolex blue eyes those who act surprised getting no reply as a slide in my ride glide to the beat making a sweep as we comb the streets my track is hot who bringing this heat it’s Porter y’all know how the flow go it’s unbelievable yeah h quick cash fast cars bad broads big money big homes tall ceilings ten million dollar meetings Ahuhuh seeing out ya aspirations living out your motivations five million dollar vacations uhhhuh you know I got 77 88’s 99’s 11’’s
Psalm 14 oo5 PORTER John 10::3 Mark 13:35 Jesus gives the Porter authority to lead the flock Porter Governs all People all Country’s Israel 🇮🇱 Jerusalem Damascus Cayman island’s