Church this was my seed that was sown after she departed I met Terry Ann because after her I prayed for a wife and it came through God showed me my future then I because I Am it is come in my life through knowledge this day was after church this photo was taken after church to whom it may concern corruption can’t inherit incorruption flesh & blood can’t inherit the kingdom of God I am proven providence with God this the test now my infirmity happened after I split with her because of my hard heartedness I heard the girl Tasha Lemay had a problem I was protected and everything she was dry so I removed protection & I ask Tutor she was mouthing him and he said it was all right then I entered unprotected when I entered her I remember I said yea this is it this feeling I spoke it out loud then in car as we were Leaving I started to say I hope didn’t give me anything I felt a deep conscience because of what I heard that she had a problem so I kept saying I hope you didn’t give me anything and she started crying and Tutor said Adrian you can’t say that to the girl I said yea but I feel conscious about what happened that’s how it happened she saying she clean but ever since that night is when my problem started I am telling the truth so I use scripture as my foundation let every man take heed how he build thereupon can no other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid which is Jesus Christ God giveth to every man his own body this I share today is not milk but meat because Paul say he got a infirmity so he don’t be exalted above measure or more than people perceive him to be but Paul say because there is envying and strife among you about who I am because of the knowledge I am privileged to carry without me there’s nothing there’s no greatness to glean that’s Bible there’s no super king on any throne the Bible says he put all things under my feet and when all things are put under my feet even the son church the cross under my feet KinG Adrian Bible yes Bible all things are under my feet all rule and Authority my power comes because of the knowledge I carry in league with the British Crown we prosper together but he’s King of the British territory am King of the world it’s for men to understand what that means not be filled with envy and strife in reality you’re not saving them the Church if they reject me what seems like protection is deception am not going to plunder anyone but it through the Authority of God KinG Adrian & King Charles will reign in the world every thing will be tested with fire and if a man’s work survive the testing he will be saved but it’s on men to be men too and think like men not envious old men that is slated as murderers he will face what he got coming that’s not me so don’t say Cayman Airways I only share the book what happens to evil men and the destructive plans for he thinks he got over God says it a net for his feet Knowledge of God is my providence it’s for me to build Gods Kingdom