Adrian Porters is with Fame Varona and Shanin Powery at A Billion Friends. Damascus Cayman Islands
I made a Jacket to match what was happening around me the School confirm it it was surreal I remember theses two girls break time & lunch time used to cry because they liked me so much open faced infront of their friends everyone knew it was about me! we used walk around the entire school as a group so people would see us every morning that was yr 10 I had older cousins & friends in year 12 A girl that won Mrs Cayman call me once at home we were talking & my aunt pickup the phone and say Adrian what you doing on the phone so long I felt so embarrass we didn’t talk again after that but we friends on facebook today I eventually got my own phone line because of it I remember I had a different girl everyday call me trying to get with me it was a great feeling they called me Porter in school it was More like Porta John 10 the Porter openeth the door the sheep hear his voice and he leads them